Norah, your Tour Guide


Exploring Glastonbury

Norah who lives on the Beara Peninsula loves showing tourists the key attractions and can delightfully take you off the beaten track to explore prehistoric Stone Circles, pre-christian monuments and standing stones as well as guide you through the places of key interest along the Ring of Beara.

Norah has travelled widely through Asia and has an empathy for the needs of the traveller. She is accustomed to speaking with and teaching people whose first language is not English. She has a strong interest in pre-christian druidic practices and ceremony as well as the pre-christian goddess culture of spirituality which existed in Ireland.






Teddy Black, The Seanachaí / Storyteller of Béara 

Teddy Black

Teddy spinning a yarn!

Teddy is a well known Irish storyteller steeped in lore handed down orally from old -timers, he is a repository of intimate local history and characters – a seanachai in the venerable Irish tradition. Growing up as a boy in Castletownbere in West Cork, long before television had had any influence in Ireland. Teddy experienced people gathering in neighbouring houses (this kind of house was known as a rambling house) passing on the stories and songs they had heard from their old folk.

Tour Beara can organise a story telling event with Teddy especially for our holiday-makers.






Mary Maddison, Story teller of Béara

Mary Maddison Cork

Photo by James Fennell of Vanishing Ireland


If you are spending some time in Beara, we can organise a visit for you to a local story teller Mary Maddison. Mary has been featured in the book ‘Vanishing Ireland’.  She has a stream of visitors that come to her from all over. Mary has a pyramid in her garden where people are welcome to meditate. She also has Rambling House where storytelling events take place the last Saturday of every month.









Jim O’Connor, local Writer & Historian

Jim O’Connor, writer & historian

Jim has written a number of books including one on Ireland’s Sheela-na-gigs.  A talk about the Sheela-na-gigs by Jim can be arranged on request and he loves to show an audience his large stone carving of a Sheela-na-gig located on his land.